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Cycle 6 – Day 6 [Casual day, Development, Optimism]

Today was a casual day. I woke up and I played some games – this is what I do lately to wake up – play 1.5 hours of both puzzle and arcade games, then served a cup of coffee while speaking to my sister, gave a call to my mom and dad to catch up and cooked myself some food.

I wrote some code afterwards and listened to music with my sister over Skype while developing my app. Things are moving in the right direction – moving a pebble every day still makes a difference. I took some breaks every now and then and spent some time with the dogs and stretched – they really love when I exercise on the floor and they have easy access to my face – I have to dodge their tongues as an extra exercise..

I cooked another batch of potatoes for dinner and I ate them with my partner. After my sister went to bed, I decided to look at some TV series as I wasn’t in the mood for coding anymore. As I said, today was a casual day – pleasant and casual.

I hope your day went well!


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